Ladies, have you ever been attracted to a balding man?

Even if he was in good physical shape? by the way I don't exactly mean completely bald. i.e. still stubble hair left over i.e. Jason Statham.



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  • I haven't, but plenty of my friends have.

    You have nothing to worry about, some girls even find it adorable.

    But if you're really self conscious about it shave it all off (if you can pull it off - nice head shape is always a plus). I've been attracted to guys who shave their heads though...don't know if it exactly falls into this category.

    Hope I helped


    • yeah I meant both people who have receding hairline with hair (i.e. Chris Meloni, Jude Law) and those who shave it (i.e. Billy Zane, Jason Statham)

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  • No.

    No bald dudes.

    Celebrities can get away with it because they have hot faces and hot bodies.

    • wow, you don't sound shallow at all.

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    • heres the truth. Girls who are extremely insecure about themselves are not attracted to bald guys because it reflects on their insecurity. They are usually uggos and don't know what really makes a guy hot.

    • @Madden_68

      Let me guess you're bald.

      Just because I find something unattractive doesn't mean I'm insecure.

      Do you find everything attractive?

      What makes a guy hot differs among girls you don't get to decide baldness = hot for anyone but you.

      Uggo? Way off base there.

  • I have before, yes. There are so many more determining factors for attraction. Everyone is different, though, & not all open minded--but then again, you don't need a chick like that anyways. :)

  • I had the biggest crush on a bald guy. haha. I don't anymore... but yeah. Bald guys are fine. Don't worry 'bout it. (:

  • Yess. I think it's pretty hot. I always find myself getting attracted to guys with semi-bald/bald head. Especially if it suits him well. ;)

  • As long as it suits you its fine.

  • well no guys my age are bald yet but I see nothing wrong with bald men. I don't think hair on a man matters at all. I don't like guys with thinning hair id prefer then to shave it off


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