Bohemian/indie guy wondering about thrift stores?

OK, well I'm 17 and I dress how I want to, I don't really fit into a clique or whatever, but I was wondering. I know that girls often go thrift shopping, but I have never seen any guy my age or older ever in one. I would love to, as I love vintage clothing and old bookstores etc, but I don't know if there would be anything that I would get. My style is basically tightish chinos/jeans and cardigans and jackets (military, with whatever on my feet, as long as it's not mainstream/ugly and over manufactured crap ( I wear mostly moccasins and vans/converses). However, I will wear anything that tickles my fancy and that I look good in. Are there things that would interest me in thrift stores? Girls: what would you think about a guy who thrift shops? Guys: do any of you thrift shop?
By the way, I have no real shortage of money at the moment. And I live in a place where there isn't great choice when it comes to my sort of fashion, apart from the Internet, but I prefer to feel and see and try on my clothes.


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  • Well, it really depends on the thrift store. The type and location of a thrift store often affects what you'll find there. A lot of thrift shopping is sifting through garbage to find the treasures. Thrift stores are always getting new things as well, so part of it is finding those treasures when they're first put on the floor before someone else finds them. Sometimes you'll walk into a thrift store and find tons of great stuff. Other times you'll spend a lot of time there and end up walking out with nothing.

    I'd suggest going to a few thrift shops and checking them out. You might find things you like, you might not. If you're into military style, I'd also suggest checking out some army surplus stores.

    • Yeah cheers, haha, but by military I meant not literally military, but in that style.

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    • Personally, I wouldn't view it as weird. I like thrift shopping, so a guy who does it is cool with me. I think our society is wasteful and cares too much about material things and brand names, so I see thrift shopping as a positive thing.

      Certainly there will be some girls who think it's weird, but probably girls who are quite superficial/shallow/materialistic.

    • Ok. Cool. I'm more into thrift shopping for the look, but anything that minimizes warfare of good quality goods must be a good thing! And I wouldn't care about those girls anyway, they aren't my type.

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  • well it's a good way to save money and get things that will suit your style,but if I saw a guy that dresses the way you do,in a thrift store,i would think ''goddamn hipsters -.-'' I don't like the whole ''holier than thou'' attitude that you guys have,and the fact that you even mentioned ''mainstream'' makes me want to punch you,but then again,i'm not the type of girl you want,you want a nice hipster girl,and thrift stores are where you'll find them,so I encourage you buying there.

  • Are there things that would interest me in thrift stores?

    Yep thrift stores are full of stuff

    what would you think about a guy who thrift shops?

    Nothing but in your case considering your style I'd think gay

  • Well I don;t thrift shop but I'm sure some guys do.

  • I see guys in thrift stores just as much as females.


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