Can you tell if something is intelligent by looks alone?

I've seen many women here ask why men only go for women perceived as either dumb/attractive and skip over the smart/plain. In reflecting on my own choice of women, I realized that I too have chosen a particular type of women based on looks alone. In my case it is intelligent women.

I am curious, has the way someone has looked caused you to overlook them in a social setting where you were looking for a sexual/dating partner?

If so, would your choice have changed knowing if they were intelligent or not?
If someone cannot be judged to be smart but looks alone, then this begs the question: How can an individual chose an intelligent partner from first impressions? If they can't, then our perception of judging someone by how well they "upkeep" themselves is flawed (makeup, tanning, etc., etc.)
Note: I mean to put someone not something. A bit of advice; don't have multiple thoughts when typing.


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  • example #1 people often think I'm dumb because I'm blond, in to fashion, like to party etc (that makes me sound like a bimbo chav but I'm not) when in actual fact I'm at medical school, so I don't think you can tell whether someone is intelligent from the way they look.

    example #2, one of my friends in secondary school looked and acted like she was the smartest person in the world and people believed it until they got to know her! Seriously she was just really up herself, not intelligent in the slightest.

    • Interesting... Your situation has led me to update my question above.

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    • Well would you want to go out with someone that looked like a whore anyway? Talk to the girl, if you like the look of her. If she is all dumb and flirty and 'aww, shut upppp!' then she's either not smart, fake, or really annoying. If she actually has a conversation with you, or asks about you and makes comments on what is going on around you she's probably not all that dumb.

    • Really this question isn't about me. I curious to see how people deal with judgement calls on first impressions.

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  • yep. intelligence is the first thing I look for in a guy. and I never wholly make a judgment call like that based on looks- I'd need to converse with him for a bit.

  • Yes.



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