Why do some guys discount a girl if she has any flaws?

Honestly, what does second and third rate girls mean? I'm really confused because apparently according to a lot of guys on this site, I shouldn't even show myself in the sun ever. So what do you mean by these ratings?
Well I have heard guys talking about how they have a hard time finding a woman they are attracted to and that are decent people all around. They say that most nice girls or girls looking for nice guys are second or third rate looking girls. Well what do those ratings mean?


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  • That's what WOMEN say about other women. You get these bitchy women who treat men like sh*t, and part of the way they treat men like sh*t is to say that they 'settled' for the woman they got because obviously the women are second rate or those women would be treating the men like sh*t, too.

    Don't blame men for this, blame the cvnts that you aren't smacking around for being mean, rude bitches.

    : )

    • Such wise words, shouldn't come from an anonymous source.

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  • Every girl has flaws, that's what makeup is for


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  • what are you talking about?

  • I have no idea what you're talking about? explain?

    • wouldn't know, I've never heard of this.

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