How much do you feel/think looks matter? Quick question, and I know this is all preference.

I'm not expecting this to be a world wide one sided answer just curious as to how much to women a guys looks are?


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  • i can think someones attractive and still have no desire to date them. I'd love to say looks don't matter at all to me, but if I think he's cute its gonna still play a small part in what makes me attracted to him. but the keyword here is small.

    now on the other hand I could think a guy is kinda cute when I first see them, then see how they act and what there personality is like and find them utterly repulsive. like one of those "what the hell was I thinking!" moments.

    now I seriously doubt any girl is gonna seriously say looks don't matter. at least she wouldn't be telling the truth. I believe the ugly truth said it best "no one falls in love with your personality at first sight" however do looks matter 100%? NO maybe somewhere between 5-15% but that out of 100. could still get you a girlfriend even if you aren't the most attractive person in the world.

    and on a side note everyone has a different idea of what's attractive. for example I do not find taylor lautner attractive even though a lot of girls do.

    so long story short,looks matter a little bit but don't mean much if that's all you have to offer, k :)

    • I'm quite happy with that answer, I've always prided myself on my personality anyways. It does now make me think about how shallow a lot of guys are now though haha

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  • Looks do matter. I want to be physically/sexually attracted to the person that I'm with. But personality always trumps looks for me. It doesn't matter how attractive a guy is, if I don't like his personality, it's a dealbreaker. And if I get to know a guy and really like his personality, he'll become more attractive to me.

  • i think guys care more about a girl's appearance than the other way around

  • Honestly, not all that important. But if I'm in a crowded room I'll notice the guy who is physically attractive before I notice the guy who isn't, I hate to say it but it's true. When it comes to relationships, though, a guy HAS TO have a personality no matter what he looks like.

    • i'd say that's fair, just wondered as I know a lot of media pressure is put on women to look good so wondered if it was the same to us you know. I'm liking your response :)

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