Can we call this women abuse?

Isn't there so much pressure of beauty standards that's clearly monetized, which goes side by side with our cultures to make vast range of women unhappy about themselves?
Guys specifically, don't you hesitate in your surrounding to recognize that there is something more than just about the waste, the booty, the hair... Etc? I bet you if you aren't brainwashed, you do struggle. And still also this same culture wants you to feel less manly about it. There's no way that we could once defeat this in any form of thought expression, not that I know of.
But I speak for myself, I just hate the idea that puts people in different values to one another like items.

I mean if you are a girl, and you enjoy it, and that's your hobby, I respect that. Guys get dopamine for going to the Gym, many I know them aren't insecure even a bit.

And I might be wrong, but I notice that this physical appearance obsession is just little too much on women, out of respect for their being. You don't believe me? Just go to how do I look section. And notice male reviews on females is higher than that of females reviews on males. Plus we guys are more likely to learn the concept of meaning in a relationship from women, then they do from us.

But when this results in positive illusions they can not satisfy. If this firm male point of view, causing big struggle for many of them, then why isn't this abuse?
Can we call this women abuse?
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What I learned from everyone else is how much the truth hurts. But more importantly is that it is within everyone. And it defends itself. Thank you for your opinions 🌷 Even the personal attacks.
Can we call this women abuse?
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