What's a cute hairstyle?

I got to a uniform school, so the only thing I can style if my hair.

Can I have some idea's that guys like for hairstyles? I have long brown hair with bangs (like front bangs, not side bangs) with big big brown eyes. Any ideas?


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  • Long as your hair looks good, it probably doesn't matter overmuch. The only bad things that girls can do with their hair is to grow it too long, cut it too short, and not wash it. Long as you avoid those things, you've got no worries.

    • Allways have it washed, I hate dirty hair.. Its so smell and nasty..

    • I'd agree with you on that. Plus when someone's hair has that greasy look it it, it's gross.

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  • Long/Short hair, I like it as a pony tail :D

    try to say it 5 times, then sing it xD


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