Question about heels at weddings?

i have a bit of a high heel fetish.

its not so much the shoes... I just love girls in high heels etc.

I'm open about this with my fiancee and she wears heels sometimes during sex and also enjoys it.

were getting married next year and I was asking her about wearing heels during that day because she's gonna look so sexy and beautiful all day. she said she doesn't know if shell be able to wears heels all day and night cause her feet will get sore she's thinking for just the ceremony and maybe the first couple dances.

I'm just wondering if most girls at weddings don't wear heels all night and switch the sandals or something later? and if any on here actually do wear them all night? and if they cant, do they put heels back on once they get back to their hotel room or whatever to look good for their wedding night?

also me and her are looking at dresses and shoes together and she can't find anything she likes in the shoes department... were wondering if any girls out there can help us and provide us with some links of very nice and sexy high heel shoes (doesn't matter how high, she wears all heights) that she can wear for the ceremony and at night but that she could also wear with lingerie on our wedding night... so they gotta be really hot too



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  • There are short heels, try those. And don't make her wear heels while dancing.

  • I love heels but can't wear them :( . I usually end up switching shoes or finding a "comfortable heel".


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