Hair experts only! how do i fix my hair color?

Hello! So I wanted to do a balayage/ombre. I have fairly dark skin and dark brown hair, armpit lenght. I would say my hair color is between 4 to 5.
So I asked a friend hairdresser to give me a natural look balayage. He did the lightening process first with Wella blondor. My hair didn't looked damaged as I expected. And then he put the dye on. The color was an 8.7 which was way more blond than I wanted but I trusted him. Turns out.. the color went orange..
On the same day I dyed my hair with a 4. light brown. The edges of my hair went back to my natural color but around my head I still had like a "crown" of orangy.. I dyed them again 2 times the next day with the same color. It went black on the edges and still count of chocolate brown on the middle. So I had dark on the root/ light brown / and black on the edges..
The last days I have been putting vitamin c pills with head & shoulders shampoo and most of the black dye went off. But now the color is still uneven. Orangy in the middle... Now I have put purple shampooo..
What do I do? will the dye fade over time? Should I do a bleaching again? can I dye it over with like a 6?
6 ( dark blonde) was actually the color I wanted. But now I don't know how to make the color even again. I want my edges to be lighter!!! HELP
Hair experts only! how do i fix my hair color?
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