Is it wrong to try to be classy?

More lady-like
More lady-like
I am a girl that loves the classy and elegant aspects of life. I love being a more old-fashioned concept of lady. By this, I do not mean I like expensive luxuries or wear brand names. This is simply a matter of dressing a bit more modestly, stand tall, wear heels, have good manners and etiquette.

Some time ago there was a thread going around about "what is trashy if you are poor but classy if you are rich" also with the popularized concept of being " bougie". After some research of the term and how our culture has set up this concept, I kept wondering if simply wanting to be classy was wrong.

From my point of view, being classy does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy because I am not. But I like to carry myself with respect, elegance, and dignity. I was also considering writing a MyTake over the topic, so if you are also interested in knowing more about what I mean let me know and follow me for more updates.
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Because I realized I did not directly asked this, I would appreciate reasoning behind the answer.
Is it wrong to try to be classy?
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