Coming to terms with being low value?

How do you come to terms with being low value in the dating market?


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  • Be alone

    Date low value

    Improve yourself. plastic surgery, liposuction (focus on looks since you're a girl. looks are the most important thing to most guys & go after 40 year olds since you're over 25)

    • I think you're the truth. Which of these is the best option, in your opinion?

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    • Funds for plastic surgery? Tips on sex with a partner you aren't attracted to? More advice?!

    • Funds = job

      Tips on sex = grin & bear it

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  • im not getting your question. do you mean by rating people out of 10? she's a 4.. or she's a perfect 10?

    • That's not exactly it, but along the lines.

  • Telling everyone else to go f*** themselves. How do you know you're low value?

    • Its easy to tell what you look like. And its easy to tell when the people you're interested in don't think you're good enough.

    • Give a picture, private message if you must.

  • I used to drown myself in video games or reading.

  • You increase your value.

    • Tips?!

    • I don't know your situation, but some universal advice is self-acceptance, self-esteem/confidence, a drive or passion in life, a makeover, a laid-back attitude so you don't get too worked up, a thirst for new things.

      Once you feel some kind of self-made success and can run with it, then it just snowballs from there.

  • The 'dating market' is pretty much screwed up. It goes along traditional values -- power, beauty, youth.

    For long, I felt that the main 'players' there were the ones who knew how to play, rather than have anything intrinsically good in them. Though I was confident of my own worth, they would always judge me poorly because I didn't care much for the values above.

    The best way out is to just have scorn for the dating market, prove yourself in other ways (work, doing something socially useful, being kind to people, being a great friend) and show them what you're worth. One day they'll realise.


What Girls Said 2

  • I would never come to terms with that. I'd work on myself until I wasn't low value anymore. But you can either choose to accept your circumstances or change them. No one is destined to be at the bottom of the food chain. Some may have to work at it harder than others, but everyone is capable of being on top.

    • Barring plastic surgery...

    • Unless you have a physical deformity, plastic surgery is unnecessary. So many other things you can do in the mean time. If, given the right amount of money, you still want to have it done, by all means go for it. But there are so many other ways.

  • You don't. If you accept that you aren't of high value in the dating field, then guys will pick up on your lack of confidence and they'll be turned off by it. So do what you need to do to convince yourself that you are a prize. Take care of yourself, start eating right, go running a few times a week, go buy new clothes that fit your body type, buy subtle makeup that matches your skin tone. I don't mean to suggest that your appearance is the reason for your lack of success with guys. But if that is what you are insecure about, then working to fix it will help you feel better about yourself.

    • Of course it's appearance. But there is only so much you can do.

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