What in particular do you find attractive in a guy?

What subtle things do you notice?

What personality traits are the most attractive?

What do you personally notice in a guy?

Try not to be generic ;)


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  • Men who are funny. Not obnoxiously funny - but can find humor in everyday life.

    Men who remember the little things. Favorite drinks, favorite colors. Remember this guys, if you take note of her personal preferences - you're telling her "I'm noticing you, I see you."

    Men who listen.

    Men who make me feel important. Who value my opinions and respects my beliefs. I don't mind a good debate, but don't try to make me feel stupid when getting your point across.

    Looks have never mattered to me. I always fell for the guy that everyone said "HIM?!", because he could make me laugh.


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  • subtle things I notice hmmmm the way he is around people. Is he really a nice guy inside or is he just fake.because all guys act nice to get a girl, it's important to determine whether he really is nice or not.

    Personality, I want someone who is kind and has a heart. I love confidence, but if there is nothing to back it up, just BS, then I am not interested. Those are some of the traits I find attractive.

    Personally, I notice the way he talks, interacts, and sometimes how he carries himself. I guess I like to analyze people in general. Like does he sound intellegent at least to have a conversation with and stuff like that. ;*)

  • I love a man with confidence.

    I love a man who takes pride in his body (doesn't need to be fit- personally, I'm curvy too but just enjoy working out)

    I notice how well-kept they are (clothes at least being put together correctly, clean, good smelling)

    I APPRECIATE genuinely when a man wants to know about me

    I love when a man shares little bits about their goals, their lives, their future

    I love a man who is funny and who can appreciate humor back

    I notice his body language and I find it attractive when he's relating to me on that level

    I love a man who shares common interests

    and, most importantly,


  • well what I notice first would have to be if they have a cute face,nice sense of humor,nice sense of style just the regulars.and what really atractts a girl is if you have manners.because a girl will notice if you hold the door for her and stuff like that.just by being nice

  • Ungenerically,

    I really like toned arms, and a defined jaw line. As far as personality I like a guy who listens and brings up things we've talked about before (like the little things).

    But still, the first thing I always notice is his smile. :]


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