Nightmares or Possession?

I haven't been on here long. I have asked a few relationship questions. Now I want to get some real opinions from some people on a really serious matter. If you have seen the movie the "The Exorcist" then most will know what I'm referring to. No my head didn't spin around, I didn't puke on a priest or do gymnastics down my stair case. I was however involved in occurrences both bizarre and scary. I was home from college for the summer. I had just experienced my freshman yr. I was only gone a year but lost my room to my younger sister and my new bachelor pad was in the basement. My room wasn't finished and had no walls. We were in the process of finishing the basement and had my uncle over to do the wiring. It was about 8 or 9 in the morning when it first happened. I felt a deep cold like I never had experienced. I couldn't breathe or move and I felt a heavy weight on my chest. My dream became complete blackness aside from a white smudge in the far distance. I could hear a loud voice screaming numerics such as 21 12. In my head I remember screaming shut up and began cussing the voice out. It persisted to get louder and the smudge became larger and more focused. I must have pissed it off because suddenly I was face to face with dark sunken black eyes and pale white skin. I was terrified. Whatever it was wanted a confrontation. I began reciting bible verses and asking for Jesus. The thing became enraged. I remember feeling like my body was rocking on a stormy ocean, and then suddenly it stopped. My uncle who is also a missionary was there shaking me. He was praying over me. When I opened my eyes he asked me if I was okay? What I saw? What I heard? He told me that he saw me sit up in my bed and saw the sheets fly across the room. At this point if you think I'm crazy then stop but those who have been there know what I'm talking about. Mortified my uncle told me I just experienced a spiritual attack. This would not be the first or the last time I experienced 21 12. I talked to many pastors before finally getting it to stop. I had a friend one night stand guard and sleep in my room. To his amazement he witnessed me seemingly thrown from my bed into a box fan 4ft away. When I woke up I didn't know what happened only that I had felt that same chill, heavy feeling, and paralysis. I still have occurrences and many other accounts but I have gone on long enough. My girlfriend and others think it is simply night terrors but it has happened in broad day light. Can anyone give me their insight on this. Is it just night terrors or should I continue to pray harder and harder every night? Thanks


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  • I don't doubt that something unusual has happened to you.

    But the trouble with paranormal explanations is they're impossible to measure. Is it possible that a spirit or demon is tormenting you? Sure. But how to define a demon or evil spirit? Is there any direct proof that demons exist? No. No one's yet been able to interview a demon and determine how it functions. From my perspective saying that you had a spiritual attack explains one mystery with another, and is a way to interpret a terrifying event. The comfort and aid of religious leaders can be a tremendous help during a crisis.

    On the other hand, there are proven explanations for most of the things you describe. The darkness, heavy weight on your chest and the feeling of an evil presence are consistent with night terrors or sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis most commonly occurs in bed as you're drifting off to sleep but can happen other times as well. The Wikipedia page ( link ) has a good overview of the information.

    Some types of epilepsy feature hallucinations, such as a complex partial seizure ( link ) I had a seizure once, and before I lost consciousness my vision distorted and my chest went icy cold. It was terrifying, and I could easily understand how frighting it could be to experience something like that regularly. My neurologist told me that stress can trigger more seizures, creating a vicious circle where fear of a seizure can make seizures happen more often. She also said that during the "aura phase" before a seizure, people usually have the same types of symptoms: some people have visual distortions or hallucinations, some people hear voices, others have bizarre physical sensations.

    If you're having seizures, it's possible that your seemingly being thrown from your bed could be the result of a violent muscular contraction.

    I think you need to rule out all other causes before you blame possession. Ask your doctor for a referral to a neurologist who specializes in the brain and nervous system. If there's a medical explanation for what you've experienced, it's also important that you find its cause and treat it should it get more serious.

    Hope this helps!

    • This is a good answer. Well said Atomizer!

    • Thanks, AJtogo.

      And I forgot to finish one of my sentences:

      "The comfort and aid of religious leaders can be a tremendous help during a crisis, but that doesn't necessarily mean a priest or pastor had any direct effect on your symptoms."

    • Thankyou my girlfriend knows a lot about epilepsy because she lives with it. She feels the same way you do. It's almost scary. lol She has a nuerologist that she recommended. I think I need to just man up and see what the doc. has to say. Maybe part of me is more scared that I do have a disease. It's easier if it's demons because I can just pray or not go to bed. Thankyou very much for your advice.

  • Someone has been feeding you a line. While the experience you are having has it roots in religious training you obviously had, chances are that you are simply having nightmares. Did you recently stop drinking? Have you had any head trauma?

    My advise to you would be get away from the religious stuff and start looking for an organic cause.

    • I am a very religous person but I don't like the word religous. I have a very strong relationship with God. I have been talking to my girlfriend about seeing a nuerologist. I think I'm going to do it. If nothing else it will shed some light on what's going on. Maybe even give me some answers. Thanks for taking the time to read this and your advice.