Black girls that are emo?

what do you think about black emo girls? my cousin is emo and black and she's starting to get talked about by other family members for it. some of them hope its a phase and think she'll grow out of it and others want her to stop it you think they're cute or not? will she have a hard time getting a boyfriend because most black guys think she's cute but the style may be an issue and she's not allowed to date outside her race


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  • Not allowed to date outside her race? What! So her family doesn't like the Emo fad, but they see nothing wrong with racism? Deep.

    • well they don't hate other races, they just want her to keep her heritage going but they wouldn't disown her or anything, they just prefer she find a black boy

    • Very subtle., but a rose by any other name... I'm not implying they're in any way malicious, only biased. This isn't dissimilar to the line used by a lot of white racists; "I'm not prejudiced against anyone, I just think all the black people should stay with their own, and the whites should do the same. And just so none of em forget it, we better burn a few crosses on their lawns."

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  • umm...well the only black/scene girl I know about is Tia Taylor and Kookie Kannibal...

  • never seen one walking by ever,you realixe that emo doesn't mean your emotional but the fact you like the genre of rock and metal bands.

    • yeah she likes that type of music, well really she likes all music but a lot of alternative rock and she dresses like an emo too

    • haha that's funny,never really pictured a black girl being "emo" until now.

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