What's the attraction with the douche bag look?

why do the cute girls seem to like guys, that dress in super tight deep v-neck shirts, muscular, tattoos, piercings, super spikey hair, and look like they came of the show jersey shore, or some reality TV thing, or some combination of these? can a girl not tell from the get-go, that he's trouble, that he'll never actually fully commit to them, the countless girls writing on his profile online, constant texting, his overly cocky attitude. honestly, isn't it just too much? how are guys like this attractive to girls? and they look like they spend as much time in front of the mirror in the morning as some girls do.

there's nothing manly about these guys, they're just overly social, cocky womanizers, and will never treat a woman the way she deserves to be treated.

just curious as to why girls even bother with them. to these guys, a girl is just another girl, even if they're "exclusively" dating (which, chances are, its really not exclusive at all, in the first place).

even guys with some degree of this look/behavior, do you really expect things to last with guys like this?


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  • A guy who: a) works out, b) knows how to socialize c) usually has a good sense of humor d) likes to have fun e) is usually good looking. Girls don't like being treated badly, but usually the guys who play can only do it because they have a lot of appealing traits under their douche-baggery. It's like the hot bitch...not all hot girls are bitches, but if one is, you won't find her short on male attention.

    • if she seems to be a girl that will put out, you won't find her short of male attention, correction. ;)

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  • guys with muscles who take care of their appearances are hot. not every guy who is confident and takes care of himself is a douche bag!

  • I can't say I am attracted to such guys but they seem to be the only type that ever approach me (which is a rare occurrence)

  • Only dumb girls , you know the ones who got more boobs than brains, like that stuff. I find that look revolting .

    • well like I'm asking, you may be able to, but why can't other girls see that he's not worth it?

  • Umm...not this girl. ^_^

    Not at all...

  • lol, I actually HATE that. I prefer normal looking guys... If that makes any sense.


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  • It's the typical flavor of the week that media obsessed children will always idealize and pursue.

    If MTV were to highlight cowboys and recruit the 7 most attractive studs from the South to represent all cowboys, suddenly girls would show an attraction to guys who can pull of wearing the hat and bootstraps.

    Not everyone buys into this, so you don't have much to worry about.

  • Girls are into guys like that because they aren't looking for anything serious.

    • is there actually truth to that though? they act serious enough about their relationships generally...

  • trouble=fun, girls like a guy that'll push their limits

    lack of commitment= challenge, girls want to feel special by winning over somebody no other girl could

    cocky attitude=confidence, girls like confidence

    girls writing on his profile=other girls think he's desirable so he MUST be

    The guy you describe is a total babe magnet because women are driven by their emotions (not to say men aren't, just in a different way).

    • yes but all girl's emotions do is get them in trouble. they fall for negative traits, hence why you rarely see them pursuing virtueous guys that actually behave themselves and withhold higher morals and standards.

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    • You're living in an idealistic world while most other people are living in a realistic world and that is your main problem right there. I'm not saying you can't or won't find what you want but the chances are better you'll get hit by lightning twice before that happens.

    • its already happened once, and it leaves a mark. :/

  • because all that is better than a fat lazy guy who complains and complains

    • for one, I'm not lazy, and certainly not fat. I was just asking about a certain social trend.

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