People have told us we look like we're brother and sister. Will he mind this? It bugs me a little!

So my boyfriend and I were both in track and field and we go to same school but he is a year older then me. His friend, Wesley and I were dating and Wesley broke up with me because of his "dad" supposedly (typical excuse) well me and my current boyfriend met through my x Wesley you know how it is. Anyway after me and Wesley broke up me and my boyfriend were just friend and then we got together and so long, well at first my x didn't like it and he kept saying he was gonna ask me back out that same day and his friend knew it ... WHAT EVER anyway people liked me and Wesley together but everyone likes who I'm with now A LOT better (besides the girls that like him and guys that like me) any way we went out on a few dates already and we have been dating about a month now and in this past month like 5 to 7 people have told us we look like were brother and sister, I think it bugs him a little and it bugs me to for some reason...WE are and NO WAY RELATED trust me okay...

So would this bug you all? YES, NO What should we do?


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  • It shouldn't matter. If you like each other, you like each other. And honestly, many couples tend to look more and more alike the longer they are together, so what does it matter? I would just worry about how you and him feel about each other.


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