Which girl would you choose?

i have 3 to choose from

girl 1:

hair: naturally dark brown and kinky, straightens it

face: extremely pretty/hot, nice skin, brown eyes

body: really small boobs, 5 pounds overweight (never works out), little curves, flat butt

brains: extremely book smart and extremely street smart

personality: nice, fun, she's awesome and she knows it

style: hipster

girl 2:

hair: naturally light brown and curly, sometimes straightens it but usually it's curly, dyes it dark brown

face: average looks, combination skin, green eyes

body: average boobs, 5 pounds overweight (works out every day), curvy hips, big butt (big in a good way)

brains: extremely book smart, not very street smart

personality: nice, quiet, can be fun when she lowers her defenses

style: indie

girl 3:

hair: naturally light blond and straight

face: pretty, mild acne, blue eyes

body: big boobs, normal weight, super curvy hips, flat butt

brains: average book smarts and above average street smarts

personality: very nerdy, talks a lot but only about video games and mangas

style: tomboyish


Most Helpful Guy

  • girl 3 all the way. any girl that likes video games gets major points in my books. I don't see how a nerd would have more street smarts than book smarts but OK. physically speaking: a blond tomboy with big boobs? jackpot!

    PS how can girl 2 be overweight if she works out "everyday"?

    • she gained weight over the last couple months and is working to lose it

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What Guys Said 4

  • LOL! How well do you know men? Girl 1 sounded good..until "she's awesome & she knows it"

    Girl 2 sounded good until "can be fun when she lowers her defenses"

    Girl 3 sounds great..."tomboyish" is code for "gets along with guys"

    These descriptions of females all sounded very good to me...but they are pretty useless to me if Icannot get along with them...

  • Girl #2.

  • Probably #1, followed by #3, then #2

  • girl 3 I don't want a girl smarter than me


What Girls Said 1

  • Auctioning off your friends, are you? Come on, this really isn't cool to do to your friends. It's bound to lower at least one of their selfesteems.


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