How to flirt with him?

Kinda stupid question really, but just wondering what methods appeals to guys the most. I like this guy who's more of a friend type, not really shy, but hard to approach in a romantic way. We're not good friends, only met a few times, but still, how should I flirt with him? Preferably answers from other guys, but I'll take the advices I get, thanks :)


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  • I suppose smile at him a lot. Dazzle him with your eyes. I don't think I'm in the minority who love a girl's dazzling eyes. But it's more of a natural thing it probably doesn't work that well when you are actively trying to do it, so y'know you may all ready be doing that. So I suppose look at him a lot, but not in a creepy way, like look at him whilst smiling and try to talk to him or get him to talk to you. Like be near him a fair bit whenever you see him and try to make some sort of conversational connection there. Also say hi to him. Lets him know that not only you notice him, but that you care to say hi to him, so his presence is a positive to you (in you smiling at him and saying hi).

  • touch his arm in a casual manner during a conversation...often that's a pretty obvious sign. play with your hair. do that adorable look at you and look away thing girls do. smile, eye contant. forward body language. basically look like you want to engage with him. show you like him.


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