Crying in front of him?

So, whenever my boyfriend doesn't understand me and says things like 'All women have a problem with their looks, it's so .. the same with all of you'. I want to explain to him; that really, this girlie stuff, I don't feel insecure for fun. It's something that easily happens in this society. Or when I try to tell him how important something is to me, like the quality of my clothes, I can spend an OK amount, I don't want to get clothes that rip or look super cheap (just mid budget here, not trying to be snobby). He just doesn't get it, and when I think about explaining how I feel, I just choke. I find it so very hard sometimes to explain my feelings to him and then I feel if I would try, I'd cry. Like some fool.

Now crying I do in general a lot, I hate it so very much. Not that I cry in public or anything, but .. I choke up quite quickly. He says it's OK, but I am able to hold it back 75% of the time. How can I solve this stupid crying?


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  • Just "wear the pants" as they say. A lot of times, I don't get it when my girlfriend tells me stuff, but when she gets in my face about stuff, THEN I get it. Also, try to talk to him from a guy's point of view, almost like you're a tomboy, ya know? Try to put things into terms that he can relate to, because if they're just things that only girls really understand, then he'll just go "Huh?". When you're talking about quality of clothes, change clothes to CARS, then he'll get it, for instance.

    Hope this helps,

    F. Blackbird


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