Men: Do you truly prefer no makeup?

I am asking as I see so many and completely opposing opinions from men on what they think.
I always hear it, no makeup is better, makeup is fake, only ugly women need makeup, etc.
In my opinion I think the majority of men prefer natural looking makeup, but a majority of those men don't like the idea of makeup, so they claim they prefer a bare face when they don't.

As for my experience, I very rarely wear any makeup. I even have nice healthy skin to show luckily, but when I started experimenting with makeup last year I found I suddenly got a lot of attention from men, both men I knew and strangers. A very noticable increase, one cashier, who i had chatted with before hand never paid attention to me, but i came in wearing makeup one day and he for the first time asked me for my I. D. saying "you just look so young and beautiful"
Also I doubt its a confidence thing as I do not feel like myself while wearing it.
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Men: Do you truly prefer no makeup?
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