Need some tips on how to find a girl I can really connect with?

What is up with this, I am sure I am not alone here but I find a lot of girls I connect with are not the girls I find attractive and all the girls I find attractive I really don't connect well with. Then when I find the girls I am attracted to and connect with-- they have a boyfriend. How does one find a good mix of both is it just a matter of luck, cause I feel like I am running in circles.
Not saying ugly I am saying not attracted to. Everyone has their prefrence no? A lot of women I find attractive may seem ugly to other guys and a lot of women I don't find attractive (blondes for example) may seem super hot to others.


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  • Like I said below, do you talk to the girls you're attracted to as openly as the girls you aren't attracted to? As a less attractive girl, I've noticed guys want to share their thoughts, hopes, dreams with me ALL THE TIME. I'm assuming its because I don't make them nervous like a good looking girl would. Maybe you need to try communicating with the pretty girls the same way.

    • True theses girls I am not attracted to are so easy to talk to sometimes, I don't know but it is kinda like with guys, you can talk with your mates and banter and all that pretty easily just not so when you are faced with a girl you are interested in, but I will try to do this.

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    • These are the lies that keep women single, lol.

    • No I think it is true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As I said above a lot of women I find unatractive other guys find attractive.

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  • hey beauty isn't just skin deep you could find the perfect girl for you and she may not be a busty model but you could really click and have such a good relationship that that would over power her "uglyness" point of this whole thing is don't just go for the lookers

  • It's just a matter of time nothing else you will find the one you're looking for just be patient and be gentle

  • It has more to do with you then you think. Humans are creatures of habit, so we can get into a pattern of only looking for certain types of people when there are so many others out there. Keep looking for girls you're attracted to, but maybe don't limit yourself so much. You've probably fallen into a pattern of going for the dumb/no personality girls without realizing it. Trust me, there are plenty of attractive girls with brains & a good personality out there. Just make sure you can offer those things in return.

  • I'm a girl who guys connect with but don't find attractive enough to date. Do you talk to girls you find attractive as openly as you do us uglies?


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