Sleeveless shirts on guys?

I notice 1 second after I leave the house:

If I'm wearing something like this style link girls will totally check me out (except I wear flip flops), head to toes. My body is just like Beckham's, except his face is prettier I think and I don't have tattoos.

Just make sure to wear it when it's really hot outside. Have no problem wearing it in school. I usually hold a t shirt so I can put on if it gets cold. A tribal wristband looks nice too.

It really works for me.


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  • This probably isn't gonna make sense, but I'm saying it anyways:

    Yes, it's really attractive. Yes, I'd probably be more likely to check you out if you wore that.

    BUT. I'd be turned off at the same time, because it comes across that you're trying to show off.

    This isn't ALWAYS the case, but it usually is.

  • i hate that. I wouldn't be attracted to that, but hey, what works for you

    • funny thing is that they all say that.

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