I look ugly days and I look super pretty days?

there are periods of days where I'll have guys flirting with me and my confidence soars and I feel like a 10, and some days I feel like I'm practicially invisible to my coworkers and guys in public will ignore me or I will just feel really ugly and believe that any compliments or reassurances coming from my family is just their way of being supportive. I have periods of times in a month where I feel super pretty and periods of days where I feel like I'm the most ugliest piece of sh*t to land on this earth and that it'll be impossible to get a decent boyfriend.

Why does this sh*t happen to me?!?! Why can't I just have pretty days all year long and not have to deal with major insecurities and depression when I have these ugly days. Sometimes, I will be really reclusive when I feel like I'm ugly (based on public reactions) and stay in my room.

Oh and also, do any of you girls look/feel uglier than usual on your periods and feel like strangers (men in particular) don't treat you as well?

Sometimes I feel like when I'm walking on the sidewalk where there's a lot of traffic, cars passing by, that they all pass by me REALLY fast because I'm ugly and they would probably drive a little slowly if I was attractive...

does any of this relate to you or am I just a psychotic girl.

My parents and family have told me I'm attractve, but I don't believe them because they are the only group of people to compliment me on my appearance. nobody else has ever told me I was pretty or anything.

Right now, my confidence level is at my lowest, and please don't tel me that beauty is on the inside or whatnot, because sadly in our society, most people are hung up on the outer appearance and are really reliant on it.

i'm really depressed.
oh and to make it worse, my parents also treat me like I'm invisible at home as well when I have my "ugly days" so that doesn't help. it doesn't help either that I have no close friends. I always have to rely on my little sister for support.


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  • Maybe opposite day is a frequent occurance in your ton. Add me, I'll give you some emotional support.

  • maybe


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