How can I learn to talk and act around cute guys?

I have a horrible problem of talking to guys that I find attractive. I never look them in the eye, I always forget what I was going to say and then say something so unbelievably stupid, I want to run away from myself. I don't know how to flirt or act, if you will, around them. I always end up asking a lot of questions, as in why this or why that, or wouldn't you like to know. And I think that turns them off so quick. But I don't want to sound easy, so that's why I ask questions like that... I honestly don't know what to do... Help? lol


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  • just always be yourself, and don't worry as much because guys are very less likely to get creeped out than you girls are


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  • just relax and look for vids on youtube and look up Alpha male and watch it, because it pretains to both male and female.


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  • I used to have the same problem! I've figured out that if I pretend they are taken or married I can actually be myself around them and not have to worry about impressing them. They seem to fall for me most when I'm not trying. It's weird how that works. I'd avoid questions and just talk about stuff that interests them whether it's the type of music they like or sports and what not. They sometimes aren't the thinking type lol. Anyway just try to forget about impressing them and be yourself and have fun. Most likely they'll love you for it!

    • "talk about stuff that interests them whether it's the type of music they like or sports and what not"

      the best thing I've heard in quite a long time. where were you when I needed you the most

      girls: guys have interests and feelings too, not just u. we like to talk, don't assume we dont

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    • I shall try and see.

    • Good luck! I'm sure you'll blow their socks off and catch a good guy in the end!

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