How pretty do you consider Jeneatte Macdonald and do guys think her nose is too big?

I was reading a question a girl asked about whether guys think a girl with a big nose is attractive or not.

So. regarding Jeneatte Macdonald, an actress and singer from the thirties-fifties.

Does anybody else think her nose is too big or am I off?

Here is a picture:


I picked a pretty neutral picture. here is another one. Or maybe I have a bit of body dysmorphic disorder :)



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  • Her nose looks normal to me.

    • Again, the new picture looks normal to me.

    • Thanks. I know it was a kind of stupid question, I just wanted to ask.

    • It's fine, don't worry about. I'm sure your nose is perfectly okay : )

      and if that's you in your profile picture haha you definitely don't have anything to worry about :P

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