Why do guys act differently around their friends?

Just wondering why guys act one way around their girlfriend and another way around their friends. Like there seems to be two completely different sides.


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  • cos we can't fart in front of our girlfriends.

    We cannot talk about how we rate another woman around them.

    We cannot make dirty jokes around them.

    Also, we try and act like an alpha in front of the girlfriend.

    And we don't need to around our pals.

    But all this is so obvious. Why even ask the question.


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  • Everyone acts differently around their male friends, female friends, girlfriend, mom, dad, co-workers, enemies, dog, cat etc...

    Every social crowd or environment has it's social context.

  • Guys act normal around their friends and differently around you.

    • do you act different around girls you like? isn't that counterproductive. if you end up going out, shell realize she does not like u, and you are already hanging out with someone you do not get along with, someone you can not be yourself with. what's the point?

      or do you just mean because they are nervous around the girl?

    • Most men act different in mixed company, whether they like the girl or not. IMO. That -Guy's answer about playing to an audience is accurate and insightful here.

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  • why do you act differently with your friends than guys? same reasons


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