Why does he keep looking?

Fell in love with a guy last late summer. Knowing he was off to.college, but we didn't care. Feelings were strong. Well, when he went to college 2 months later, we drifted. ;-( He got really mean, said "we shouldn't talk anymore" & that was it. This was December. Met in August.

After 2 months I emailed him. Still had some feelings. We rarely emailed after that.

Just recently I emailed him along with my picture I had taken that day. I said this girl misses you & posted the link. He normally ignores my emails but this time I said at the end (after my picture) That I knew it was pretty much never going to happen with us again. That I just wanted to say I missed him. And goodbye.

He replied surprisingly & said my picture was very beautiful. And I checked the site where the pic is (only 1 pic in the album I linked him to & only can br seen by who you give the link to) & in 1 week he's looked at it 18 times.

Why? He's never said he missed me. Whys he looking at my pic So much? It's a face pic by the way.

I'm.moving on...but wonder this Question.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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