What's a guy thinking when he says a girl looks like her mother?

I was with this guy I've been talking to for a good minute now, and we were together for my prom.

To get to the point, he looks at me and says I look just like my mom. It's not a shock that I'm hearing this because I've been told that I look just like her. I just wonder what guys think when they say that...are you all thinking about our mothers when you say that to us?


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  • I wouldn't think too much of it. He's most likely just noting your family resemblence. Personally, if I were to tell a girl "you look like your mom", I mean she looks like her mom and nothing else.

    • That's good to know...I was a little worried there for a second. lol

    • Yeah, nothing to worry about. If he said it in a suggestive manner, though, that would be a different story. I trust he didn't.

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  • It could well be related to some mass oedipal struggle that effects virtually all men, or it could just be that the guy you;re talking about is some kinda sick freak!


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