What odd or inconspicuous things about the opposite gender do you find most beautiful?

Other than, abs, breasts, butt, thighs, private parts, and ditto ditto...What else turns you on or strikes your fancy about the opposite gender, that would otherwise, normally go unnoticed? All audiences, If you can list up to, but no more than 10 attributes that attract the opposite gender to you. For instance, here is my list, so to speak:



a man who can cook


Taking up for me, although I can handle myself

Soft-spoken, but strong voice


a guy's hairline

modest smile

the way they walk

I look forward to your fee back. Thank You Very Much! It's getting hot in here, just kidding. ha ha :)
I forgot all about hands. There is something sexy about the hands on a man.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. The way guys move.

    2. When they stick up for their moron friends, even though they are morons.

    3. Their big shoes.

    4. Eyelashes

    5. Watching them get excited about something like a little boy.

    6. When they want your approval (but aren't always begging for it).

    7. Watching guys fix things.

    8. Looking out for their family members.

    I think that's all I can think of today.

    • Your number 6, 4, and 8 are right on, and definitely are major turn-ons. Thanks for your feedback.

      Jamaica Outtttttt

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What Guys Said 2

  • Long eyelashes, the thing I like the most

    Big eyes, girl always seems cuter

    Plump lips

    Nice smile and straight teeth

    Long hair, legs

    The noise of a girls high heels

    Playing with her hair

    Sitting with her legs folded

    Girly girls

    Doesn't need a tan or wears make-up but still looks good

    • you like girlie girls, huh? Betty Boop for some reason came to mind haha.

      Jamaica Outtttttttt

  • high heels

    short skirts that go up to your boobs

    girls putting on makeup

    girls at the gym that have no idea what their doing haha

    obnoxiously big sunglasses on girls with small faces

    ponytails/pig tails

    shy girls

    girls who bite their hair


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. Eyes - some guys have these amazing deep eyes that I love

    2. A strong jawline

    3. A deep voice

    4. A really cheeky grin

    5. Dimples

    6. A confident walk

    7. That little frown when they're trying to solve something or are thinking too hard

    8. A guy wearing a really nice suit

    9. When they loosen their ties after work

    10. Cute laugh

    • your numbers:1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are sexy!

      Jamaica Outtttttttttt

    • Haha its amazing when they're all combined :)

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