What size should I be for my height?

I'm exactly 5.479ft , what size do you think should be ideal?

I wish to have a goal... and what do guys like best?

any girls my height, what size are you?


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  • i'm 5'5" and a size 10 on average, but I have some muscle and am pretty curvy.

    I've seen girls our height who look good at size 0 and ones who look good at size 16. It's all about your bone structure, muscle, where your body carried fat, proportions etc.

    also, some guys like petite girls and some like thicker, so you need to figure out what size you feel most comfortable at, what size you feel healthiest at, and what size you like the way you look the most.


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  • As it stands, you're too short to have a size. According to the Barre-Attley Associative Height Chart, a woman must stand at least 5' 6" tall to be issued a weight ratio. Being as you're 5.479 feet in height, and if you should unexpectedly break wind you'd easily drop 0.012 inches, you'd be best advised to consider taking a position as statuesque mid-level primate.

    • what? are you trying to say I'm short?

    • Hahaha! No, you're just fine the way you are! Stop stressin about the little stuff, and always remember "It's all little stuff".

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm 5'5", so I'm pretty close to your height. I'm a size 4, which I'm fine with. It wouldn't kill me to be a size 2, but I'm afraid of losing my butt.

    • currently I'm a size 4 too but not happy cause I'm getting close to 6 :-S

      AND I'm really panicking! aaa

    • If you get into a regular workout routine it could tone you up and prevent you from gaining any more weight.

    • definately will... especially since it's almost summer

  • In my opinion, anywhere from 0-14.

    If you want to be considered "skinny," 0-6.

    It also depends on your frame and muscle mass, though.

    • I have a small frame and moderate muscle mass.. I don't even consider myself being skinny at size 6 :/

  • I'm 5'3 or so and I'm size 0. You should be whatever size that suits your body frame.


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