What do guys look for in a girl?

lol I know its a corny question...

I mean what do you look for in a girls attitude? What she likes to do in her free time? How she acts with you,with her friends, with your friends?


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  • well I like a girl who is herself and doesn't try to chage me. I am good for her when being myself and she is good for me while being herself

    she has to be cool around my friends and I am cool around her friends, we all get along and hanging out with either of our friends is fun

    she has to know how to have fun, I hate when a girl will take me to hang out with her friends and then I am just ignored while she hangs out with her freinds. if she want's to just hang out with them, then don't bring me along. if we are all going to hang out and I am going to be there because they want to hang out with me too, then that's fine but don't bring me along to just sit there haha.

    she has to be confident but not overconfident or arrogant because that's just unatractive and a major turn off if she thinks she is all that and a bag of chips.

    pretty much if she is herself and her personality is like mine, then we are great!

    • i totally agree with everything... especially with this part : "well I like a girl who is herself and doesn't try to chage me. I am good for her when being myself and she is good for me while being herself"..

      thnx for answering!=]

    • no proble, have a nice day =)

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  • "She's hotter than hell and she's cool as they come, yeah she's smart and she's wild all rolled into one!" Lol, song lyrics and mimicry aside, Will Smith gave good advice in 'Hitch.' "She needs to see the real you. Now, she may not want all of it, but she does want it to be you. So if you're shy, be shy. If you're outgoing, be outgoing."

    The point is, while any of us probably could find a *type* in movies that the opposite gender adores and mimic it, it's better to be yourself.

    • nice going! 1000%

    • I think your right...it is better to be your self...if someone has a prob with it...they need to suck it upXD

      btw love the quote=]

  • Introversion, respect for men (and not thinking women are better/smarter/wiser/more innocent/etc), trustworthiness, and open-mindedness

    • im not sure what introversion means ^^" (English is not my native language...and google didn't really helpXD )

  • I'd love a girl who'd be up for goin' for a run with me or even better to go boxing training with me. Also a girl who wants to watch films with me.

    • i think going to a boxing training with your date is awesome! lol goos idea:P

      thnx for answering^-^

  • i like smart girls :P she doesent need to be stuning beauty as long as she has brains.


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