I feel like I'm trying too hard, advice?

Ok so I'm in high school and I finally got enough guts to get a girls number. She was really easy going, extremely pretty and liked talking to me alot- This is what boosted my confidence, or so I thought but no other girl was this easy to talk to... Now, I consider myself a guy who's above average on looks (I cannot stress it enough. I'm not a tool/cocky but I've been told that by people). Girls...Look at me but anytime I try to talk to them they just seem like they aren't interested. Not discusted or repulsed though. I'm too much of a bitch to try to talk to them in person and sadly I use Facebook. Its not like Facebook handicapped me socially, but I'v'e never been able to talk to girls. So anyway. They aren't intersted via Facebook but they are in person but I suck talking to girls in person. Anyway, none of them respond because they've seen me but they don't know me and I basically feel like a tool trying too hard. Does anyone have any advice? I'm sick of seeing girls that I'm too afraid to talk to. I also feel embarrassed as if people are staring at me thinking I'm A tool.


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  • ok this is kinda a hard situation... my advice is to make friends with some girls that your buddys are friends with or in your classes and practice talking to them that way(im kinda the same way) get to know them and it just gets easyer... this girls may not talk to you cause your trying to talk to them on Facebook

    girls hate itt when a guy talks to them over text or something and then don't say aword to them in the hallway... trust me I'm in asituation where my guy friend talks to me over text but will not even say hi to me in the hallway

    your going to have to open up and justy try to talk to some girls... you may think its embaraccing if you say something wrong or don't know what to say but most girls think its kinda cute that it is hard for you to talk to them... they will apreciate you trying to talk to them

    for stuff to say talk to them about some of the classes your takeing and if your takeing a class that they took last semester ask them about that...(haveing inside jokes really works or just a funny moment cause it can startt conversations between you to easly :)

    good luck :)

    • Your guy friend sounds like a tool, why won't he talk to you in person or in the hallway?

    • don't know... the wiered think is everyone says he's not a tool... I don't know anymore I dint text him anymore or talk to him unless he talks to me :) I'm kinda just done with him

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  • Bro you do have to go and talk to them, but if you go to the gym, find a personal trainer, these guys are usually really good at talking to women and aren't tools or assholes; fyi some are, ask an older guy to show you the ropes or critique your approach and her response, helps loads when you have coach watching your highlight reels.

    Oh perfect situation, I have totally been in your position, and I know how it sucks being a totally awesome guy and haveing to warm the bench, find a partime job, or weekend job that requires you to talk to girls and guys. I.e. Member ambassador at a gym, club promoter, volunteer at the hospital; I hate how it seems like you're lirking, waiter. Condition yourself to best you when you are around them. I had a buddy that sold be like crack on the corner to these hot girls. I loved it, but I wanted to be able to do that for myself.

    Also try going to place where the girls are "easier". Not trying to get you laid or anything, but it's a lot easier to talk to the girls when she's trying to f*** you. My friend suggest the American Southern States if you're near by, the subburbs/country towns; I here they are just glad to see someone outside of their town, and last resort cougar bars :/ personally never been to one, but it should condition you to talking to women that are already interested.

    I don't suggest you use the PUA techniques or styles, some of them seem very sketch; trust me they work, but do you really want to get girls by lowering their inflated selfesteem first...I highly doubt it. Treat them with the same respect and dignity of a girl that you respect.

    Also work incramentally, talking to random girls at the bus stop sub way about what ever with a specific goal in mind, get them to smile and get their name. No number no pressure, just a fun conversation aboout absolutely nothing. Make sure you give them a charming smile when you laugh, it really helps to make your approach seem more charming, and not like you road the bus with the intention of talking to strange women.

    If you need any more adivece just reply and I'll see what I can come up with. I don't have it down to a science yet but, life is a work in progress. Good luck

  • All I can say to this is that life takes place in person.


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