Art ideas for tattoos anyone? I'm blanking.

Lately I have been trying to get my portfolio ready to show tattoo shops. I just want some other ideas from ppl. Thanks a lot I appreciate everyone that answers


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  • how about a combination of things you've drawn before?

    like if you've drawn animals and you've drawn people, draw them together.

    i draw mushrooms with horns and weed stuff, so I like to draw mushrooms shmoking weed haha

    if you've drawn girls, draw them in new settings, like a bar if you've never done that.

    draw a beautiful girl in a red dress with her back to the bartender, facing the viewer and crossing her legs. and draw a bunch of guys in black, gray and dark colors around her, just marveled by beauty. and a naughty little smile on her face.


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  • look into Sacred Geometry..flower of life and metatrons cube awesome


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  • what kind of tattoos do you draw?

    if you're into darker type of stuff, check out beksinski's stuff:


  • Are you talking about drawing flash, or submitting portfolio to get a job or apprenticeship? Usually traditional stuff is best when drawing flash. Look up some Sailor Jerry stuff. Also, custom work is always appealing to people who don't want the same tattoo 100 other people have. Draw something in your paricular style to show what you can do and offer custom work--people will pay more for it.

    • job

    • Be prepared to volunteer for slave work (reception, getting lunches, sweeping/mopping, sterilization, ordering supplies, etc) You probably won't get paid regularly but its the only way to get your foot in the door. My husband is in the profession 15 yrs. I've seen people hang around doing this for years before they ever start tattooing. Its how they weed people out. Message me if you need any help or advise.

  • try phrases, or figures that has meaning behind them. as well as complex drawing to show you can do complicated tattoos and that you're good with details


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