How can a girl be unforgettable?

Say she's already a girl who'd you do a double take of- pretty- smart- funny- dresses well- blah blah

How could she tip the scales?

I've been semi seeing this guy but he's going away for a few months and doesn't want a relationship. I know he likes me- he's told me- and I know he cares about me-he ask mutual friends how I'm doing because he himself has stopped texting- he just got out of a bad relationship and so did I so I know that scares him

I haven't text him in days and don't plan on it but I will see him out- I always do- how can I get him to realize that if he doesn't get me someother guy will?


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  • You can just flat out tell him and be blunt about it that if he doesn't appreciate what he has now that it may be lost forever. It doesn't have to be in those words that is just an example. By him coming out of a bad relationship he could still be trying to get over that and he may need some healing time. He might also be afraid to give his heart to another girl. The only thing is how long are you willing to wait until he comes around? I think talking to him about how you feel and where you at is the way to go. Because if you give him hints he may not catch on or get it.


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  • be blunt and say so. make eye contact

  • their is a girl I seem to can't get out of my head the reason is she does these litlle things that make it near impossible. she told me a bunch of stories and now much of what I do reminds me of the story and her. it could just be mroe effective since I like her but she some how managed to incorperate herself into the tiniest aspects of my life and always seems to be on my mind.


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