Pumping gas in a mini dress, would you make her do it?

So I drive in the gas station today. There is a pretty decent looking women there pumping gas with her boyfriend. He's driving the car and she's the passenger. It's kinda a windy day out, very hot day!

She's in a mini dress or just a sun dress. While she is pumping, with one hand she has to hold her dress down so it does not blow up. She has to do this the whole time.

So my question is, as a women would you not be kinda pissed that you have to pump the gas in that,being as he is driving? I would think its fair to pump if you are driving.

Guys, Would you not pump the gas?

And I pulled in to a parking spot since I needed to grab a few things, but waited... I was on the phone. Just seeing if I could catch a peak, was kinda fun. That was pretty creepy right? Or would most guys look?


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  • I'd be p*ssed I had to pump and if it was my car (could be hers since for some reason girls let their boyfriend drive their car) I'd ask him to get me something from the gas station and leave him there.

    He most likely didn't offer because guys are only nice when they want sex. Plus after they have a girlfriend they're not as nice.

    Yeah trying to sneak a peek is kind of creepy. But most guys are creeps.

    It's cool to look at what's on display creepy to be waiting for more.

    • look /= leer, stare, glaze at

      look = glance and that's all

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    • you're a man hating*

    • No guy hurt me.

      I generalize because generalization = majority.

      This is the behavior the majority of males have from observations, studies, and things guys themselves say.

      Girls are no better.

      They may be naive, conceited, and stupid in love but good god what a horror show.

      What hate do you see? I never said I hate men.

      B*tch? Any girl who doesn't agree with a guy = b*tch. lol

      Get over herself? No arrogance here

      How are my answers taboo? There's no hate, violence, or illegal activity.

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What Girls Said 2

  • One. She chose to wear it.

    Two. The man can't literally force her to pump the gas.

    Three. Maybe they had a platonic, not romantic, relationship.

    My boyfriend pumps gas when I drive, and I'm sure no one questions that when they see it. Anyway, you shouldn't make assumptions like that. Or feel free to make them but understand you could be absolutely wrong.

  • i'd be very pissed...he should have been more considerate because of her dress situation.


What Guys Said 3

  • Maybe she's one of those women who would say, "Ugh, he's so into me he offered to pump his own gas, what a p*ssy! I need a man who will treat me like crap so I feel like I've got one that's in demand. That's hot!" if he offered to do something nice for her.

    And all guys would look.

  • If she got out and did it on her own accord, then it's whatever. But if he expected her to do it, then he's a tool. I guess we'll never know..

  • she may have just willingly said she would. girls, when guys are good to them, usually willingly do what we ask them. whether this happened, we'll never know but...i can only assume that's what happened


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