Why is it so hard to get into retail?

I know I am not selling clothes. But I had to upsell meals, drinks, do promotions and excel at customer service. I only worked in drive through and as a cashier so I was definitely always working with customers, that was my job. I also helped managers by watching others and helping ensure proper procedure was followed. Plus I love shopping and probably know more about clothes than I do about selling fast food, which I was already good at. I just haven't worked in an actual retail setting.

So I get confused why I am having a hard time getting into retail. I have 3 years cashier experience, am very good at my job and was even promoted.

I even have business courses in marketing, accounting, insurance and also organizational behavior (a management course).

Why is it so hard to get into retail?


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  • Being a manager at a retail store, I will let you know that right now, the summer season is one of the slowest times of the year for us. Most retail locations don't actually do any hiring until the end of July or the beginning of August. They want you to be ready for Back to School season. Most of the time retail locations if they are hiring in the summer, they want people who want to work longer than just the summer. Turnover is a big deal in the retail world. Its difficult to keep associates in retail because it is such a flexible job, its hard to keep people who will work longer than a few months. Another thing is, you may have a great resume, but if you don't have the people skills or the greatest interview they might not consider you. Just make sure to show some personality in and interview and follow up after you apply.

    • Thanks for your answer! This helps a lot. I do have good people skills so I am not worried and I am pretty confident that if I got an interview somewhere I could do well in it. I have lots of experience working with people and hopefully they will see that. Thanks! :)

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  • It's the economy. There's no jobs out there.

    Even the McJobs are getting way way too many applicants these days.


    The economy is in the crapper. So either try to start your own business, or turn to crime. Because there are no jobs...


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