I need a theme name for a dress, advice?

i thought you guys might be able to help me with a small dilemma!

for my Higher Art I am making a dress.. but I need to come up with a name for my theme.. its basically :L

think of Alexander McQueen's oyster dress..

quite Tim Burton-y, creppy, ripped up, distressed, disheveled, with feathers and leather and burnt and ripped fabric! atm its under disheveled but I need an actual theme name! and its cannot be the corpse bride as that is already a character.. I thought you guys/girls might be able to help me :$ as I'm completely stuck :|


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  • Devils couture or Graveyard couture...

    or Black lake.. :) hope I can help you or at least give you some inspiration :)

  • zombie prom

    graveyard masquerade

    haunted civil war plantation heiress

    • THANK YOU!

    • no problem! I'm an artist (painter) and know how frustrating getting stuck is.

      I could totally see that dress as that last theme with this setting: link (Boone Hall Plantation...Charleston, SC)

    • thank you x

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