Why is it when I go out people look at me?

Why is it when I go out, I see people looking at me. I know this sounds so stupid, but when I’m out I see girls just giving me dirty looks and looking me up and down which really is annoying, but now I seem to not pay attention (guess I’ve got use to it). But with when guys look at me it’s different I feel like they just stare, like random guys in cars or buses or even just walking past me casually. I tend not to pay attention, but I just want to know why stare? Have they got issues or something? It feels awkward, if they smile its fine, but it’s when they drive past and just slowly turn their heads, what their problem? Thanks!



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  • Do you turn green like the hulk?

    • I do have a werid senstation and I look at my hands they are a bit green.

    • just wear jeans so they can turn into jean shorts and a top that is very very stretchy..

      no reason to give the world a show

    • loool yehh

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  • Simple- the girls are jealous because you're a pretty lady, and the guys are looking because you're a pretty lady. The same thing happens to me, so I guess that makes us both pretty ladies! :)

    • Lol thanks brandoo x :P and lool pretty ladies, I don't know about me, but you are a right sexy lady :P

    • :D

  • heh that's why I try to avoid looking at women nowadays... must be annoying to them.. but then again, imagine if nobody ever looked at you, or smiled.

    you can't have it both ways. do you at least like a little attention?

    • No I don't mind if they smile or look, but when they stare for a long time it feels like I'm being judged or something lol. And sometimes if I'm alone, I have to like speed walk lool!

  • they are just making fun of you.

    Nothing to be worried about.

  • cause you look good :P I look at girls while I am driving my car too and I almost crashed xD

    • Lool like before

    • Show All
    • link that's how my old car looks like ;) I even gave her a nick - the 40 years old virgin :D

    • lool funny name :P

  • Don't you live in England?

    Isn't that commonplace there?


What Girls Said 2

  • It sounds like those girls are bitches, and those guys wanna get with you.

    • Ugh that's what I think they are bitches, and thanks lol.

  • Well the way I see it, boys want you and girls want to be you :D


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