What is going on with this guy? Does he want to see me again?

Basically, I met him last Saturday when he knew my friend and gave us a lift back to her house. He came in and we spent the night together. We slept in our underwear but didn't do anything apart from kiss.

On Monday night we went to a party together and again only kissed and that's all. He dropped me off at home at 12, and picked me up to go before hand.

On Tuesday we went to another party. We stayed over in the same bed. He fingered me and wanted me to toss him off but I didn't

On Thursday night we were at my friends. He didn't stay the night but stayed late. I gave him head and he fingered me.

Anyway I'm confused because he is not acting like some guys and just running off, not talking to me anymore. We talk for ages everyday, and he asked when the next party is but I'm not sure. He always talks about how he wants a serious relationship, and he is in general really nice and sweet. He got my friend to text me that he was on Facebook chat waiting for me cos he had lost his phone, and tonight came on Facebook just to tell me he is going to football club, in case I was wondering where he is. Today I told him I would come on Facebook at 12.30 but didn't, so he texted me saying hurry!

After Thursday I told him that he would just leave me then, now he had what he wanted. He said he would text me but didn't like texting in the morning because he looked too keen. Anyway on Friday morning he did text me.

He said that he won't be able to see me for the next two weeks because he has exams. and it is true that he is not having any kind of social life at the minute because he is revising loads so he can get his grades for uni. We do talk all the time still. Last night I went to a party and he asked me three times if I had kissed another guy.

He's only ever seen one other girl and only had sex four times, with the same girl, so he's not a player type.

My question is, is he just stringing me along or do you think in two weeks he will genuinely want to see me again?


btw I'm 17, he is 18


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  • I think he'll genuinely want to see you again. What happens once he's f***ed you is anyones guess given he seems very sex driven :)


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