I got rated an 8 out of 10.Was he taking the "nuetral" way out?

So I was telling this guy I use to date about this other guy who called me a 2(I went off on him cause he was rating girls and apparently that was his way of attempting to p*ss me off...and it worked.)Anyway ,this was our conversation:

Me: Ugh...Guess that this kid I go to school with said to me.

Guy: What?

Me: Well he was rating girls and I told him off and he says to me well you're like a 2.How awful!

Guy: Wow.

Me: He's such a jerk...I mean I'm so self conscious now.

Guy: You're like an 8.

Me: That's not the point!

Guy: The point is that he's wrong.

If you want to see what I look like just click on my profile and then my profile picture.


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  • 8 is very solid and not worth complaining about.

    For me a 10 is almost mythical. I rarely label a girl as a 9. You don't have pics by the way.

    You mentioned you were voted a 2 once... now that's an insult. That's like deformed. Missing limbs and such.


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  • Well I agree that rating girls is stupid. You are really pretty though!

  • 7-8 can't see the body so can't tell


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