GUYS: What do you think of this hair texture? African American hair without being straightened?

This hair texture has been rejected by not just blacks, but people who aren't black because it's not straight and silky. I'm just curious what you guys think! :)



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  • I like it. I honestly wish I had hair like that. Alas, my hair is as straight as the d***ens.

    • interesting perspective

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  • I don't mind it at all. I don't think hair needs to be straight. I've never touched a black girls hair but I don't think the texture would bother me. It doesn't have to be silky either. Honestly... I'm not into cornrows or very low cut hair like most black girls style it. Longer I like. But the number one reason I shy away from black girls has nothing to do with their hair - many just seem friendly or approachable. At least in the city I live in.

    • that's refreshing to hear! African American hair in it's natural state is coily, otherwise known as tight curls or spirals. Some of us have constant curl patterns like the link, others have more coarse textured hair. You don't usually see it though because black people have been taught to believe that their hair is undesirable and unacceptable so straighten it, buy weaves, or wear breaids.

    • I'd much rather see it natural, than see weaves or braids. Well, big braids are nice though. I had a class last fall and the girl was part black, she had coily hair and I thought it was very attractive actually. Embrace who you are. I'm Italian and I have to deal with oily hair. It's always something.

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  • One of my white guy friends dated a black girl with natural hair like that. He didn't mind at all. I guess everyone has their preference though. Just know that there are tons of guys who like it! :)

  • this hair texture isn't rejected by blacks. I have hair like this and people call it "good hair". I really don't care what non black folks think of my hair but I know its considered pretty in the black community. you don't have to have straight and silky hair for it to be cute

    • I know that you don't have to have silky hair for it to be cute. The idea of natural hair is rejected by blacks until some of them find out that natural hair does not automatically mean afro textured hair. Most blacks are misinformed or completley unifrormed all together about natural hair. When I told people I was going natural, they looked at me in disgust and said I couldn't because I'm not light skinned or mixed with anything so my hair won't be "good". Yet when my hair texture turned out...

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    • A lot of people who aren't black aren't even impressed by the weaves and braids that black women often get in attempt to be more "acceptable". I know personally, I think it looks ridiculous when there's a black girl walking around with a straight, silky weave or weave that you can tell isn't even close to being her hair! Or girls with relaxed hair who's hair looks a hot fckn mess all stringy, fried, unhealthy with no body and won't grow past their shoulders, yet some of them are so disgusted...

    • by natural hair when natural hair looks better than what's on their head! You're so right. We're the only race of people that deal with such extreme degrees of self hate. I've seen similar issues in the Asian and Latina communties, but it's never as bad as the black community.

  • have you seen the documentary Good Hair? completely opened my eyes.

    i think hair is beautiful in every form & people should embrace their natural hair.

    • hilarious but very good link

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    • Oh OK I was just wondering. I'm always curious what people who aren't black think of natural hair becuase so many black people degreade and disapprove it.

    • *because and degrade lol I was typing too fast

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