How to wear makeup whilst going to a camp where I am going to get dirty?

I'm going to a horse camp , and more then likely It will be hot and I might get dirty so how do I still look cute while not letting my makeup get messed up. :)

links help ( only directional )


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  • Mascara: Use Water RESISTANT mascara >Waterproof has tar in it that car tear your eye lashes

    Eye shaddow: Eyeprimer before putting eye shaddow on, Use a brick shaddow, and use neutral colors that won't look awful all smudged

    Eyeliner: Bedhead black smudgy works well in the heat for me

    Face: Sunblock! And I wouldn't bother with coverup, foundation, etc. The sun exposure will clear up most imperfections in a few days, plus you'll just sweat it off and you'll have too much fun to even notice :)

    Hope that helped...


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  • try mineral foundation and nothing else


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