I can't stop looking and staring at her?

This girl I know nearly four years now she is just an acquaintance of mine she is younger than me and I can't stop looking and staring at her whenever I see her and I also find myself checking her out like looking her up and down and looking at her boobs and bum and even when I drive by in my car and see her I stare/look at her .I feel its wrong because I'm older ! Can you please tell me what it means ?
I also find myself remembering things about her and things/conversations we talked about from ages ago too ? !


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  • That you are attracted to her?

    I don't really see the question, you obviously like/ are physically attracted to her.


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  • what's the age difference? That seems to be what is holding you back is your age difference. This means you are so into her but not sure why you want to hold her the way you do in your eyes, you remember things you have talked about trying to make sense to why you are attracted so strongly to her, but you want to know, you can't walk away.The age difference is what makes it so wrong for you.

  • Duh, you're attracted to her?

  • How much younger is she?


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