Seeing and understanding auras?

I know most of you think that aura's are spiritual bullsh*t.

I am very scientific myself and don't believe most of it, but if you hold your hand about 10/20 cm above a clean white sheet, and seriously focus with your eyes on a dot you made on the sheet.

If you don't blink and keep focused you can see a thin layer of light around your fingers. I didn't believe this at first myself but everyone can do this!

So please go on and try. You can practice with whatever object you want. Look past an object and focus on the background and then with your peripheral sight you can see it.

I've never talked to anyone about seeing auras because they all think it's way too spiritual(which is not if you ask me there should be a logical explanation for it only we haven't found it yet), but I really doubt if I should believe that the layer of light really is the electromagnetic energy floating around every person and object.

Also I seriously doubt that the more you practice, you're gonna see more 'layers' of the aura.

Is there anyone who actually KNOWS something about this?


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  • Bullsh*t,

    Look at this for a few seconds stare at something white keep blinking and YOU'LL SEE JESUS!


    Just your eyes playing tricks on you

    • That is optical illusion.

      This is not, you can actually train your so called 'electrophotonic memory capacity' of your brain, which will increase your ability to see aura's.

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    • No offense but I don't take stuff like that as fact if it's not been tested, it talks about meditation and Levitation? So I can't trust it

    • I know most of it is bullsh*t dude!

      But it makes sense that an after-image is different from an aura, since like you said an after-image is the information that's reproduced by your brain when you focus on something long enough.

      Neither my hand nor the white sheet are bright light blue, but the layer of 'light' I see around my hand is bright lightblue. With an after image the colour is the same, so those are two different things.

      So that's one thing from that webpage we KNOW to be true ;)

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  • Its actually been proven by science apparently, auras do exist but not because of emotions or any of that its because of the energy around you, colours dont have anything to do with it because the universe can't decide what colours mean, only you can, you see different colours when you see an aura because either the background, or what ever you looked at last takes over, so.. the truth is if someones mad, they won't have a nice flow, it will be fast and bulky, and its just energy.


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  • THAT'S not an aura.

    However, I also thought it was spiritual bs, but my cousin can actually see the aura.

    It's real. I wouldn't have believed it myself, but she really does see it. She can sense the mood of the person through it, though she's only 5 and she calls them "rainbows".

    Sooo... it's not as unlikely as you think.

  • Yes, but by focussing on the dot, you're actually fooling youself into thinking your not INSANE!

  • There's a logical explanation for what you're seeing. It has nothing to do with auras.

    • Okay, and what is the logical explanation?

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