Based on the clothes only, which girl would you rather date and why?

Lets judge on the clothes and not the models OK...

Of course the same girl could wear all the outfits but lets just analyze the person personality based on the outfit, I mean the impression that it gives to you guys...

Girl you can answer to and choose in the pool which one do you see yourself wearing...
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link A

link B

link C

link D

link E
i don't know why the link is not working awwww


Most Helpful Guy

  • for me it was a toss up between A and B, but I picked A. If the skirt in B was silk or slinky it'd win over A for me.

    C would have been a lot better if the top wasn't plaid

    D was too slutty

    E is a bit drab

    • Cool finally a guy that likes the B option...I agree with all you said ;)

      You must be a guy with a good style!

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    • Also, A and B are very similar in their features, just with the shorter skirt A seems more fun. However with my suggestions for B it would be sexier than A is fun

    • Maybe you should spicy it up your wardrobe than ;)

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What Guys Said 8

  • A - Is a nice outfit I actualy think this is the best but I'm not a fan of stockings.

    B - I don't really care for it at all to be honest

    C - Looks pretty good, it has more of the casual look.

    D - This would be a pretty good outfit on another girl then the one in the picture it makes her look like she is all legs.

    E - Looks good as well but most girls I see around here that dress like that carry a bad attitude so I'm biased against it.

    • Mike stockings are sexy and it's a trend now... I see what you say about E

  • A, looks sweet causal friendy but stylish. C, is what I wore last night to a party. the only one I hated was B, the leather and spikes are for the hardcore pupils. if you are not those people please do not even try. you look like donkey.

    so I choose A.

  • Absolutely love the last one; but the first one is marvellous as well. Others are kind of too informal for dating, and would appear kind of rebellious or something like that.

    • Not for a date, I mean a girl that wears which outfit would call your attention as personality and you would ask her for a's not like she would wear that for the date itself...

    • Oh; okay. Then the first one will make the gal seems more attractive to me, in terms of personality.

  • k I chose E

    a comment on all of em will better clarify my choice then a motivation for choosing E

    A is a tad weird specifically the shoes stockings and bag kinda put me off

    B is just nah

    C I actually really like its casual friendly practical etc (2nd place :p)

    D is not that bad just feels a tad skanky

    E is just like impressive and good looking. But a strong impression will really give her an edge.

    The reason why its as good an outfit as it is is because its basically a simple outfit witch she managed to accessorize really well. This comes across as really feminine, shows good sense of fashion, elegance, etc.

    well if there is any question left ill be glad to answer em but I think that enough of an explanation

    • Great answer thanks...Yeah I think A is for a creative girl most guys won't like...B that might come out as bossy angry not a sweet one C normal casual wear D yeah a bit skanky as tight and short and E is more of a classical rich girl, come out as a nice girl right?

    • tbh I liked A as in thought she was really cute but not sure wether or not the model clouds my judgement just yeah the bag shoes and stockings are kinda weirding me out. About B you're right and I like the cute girls so... . And Yeah agree on both C and D and on E I gues it does come acros as a bit of rich girl sorta thing but thing is unless you're talking cars, computers or gadgets I don't really know what juwlery is expensive and what not without a price tag attached to it, ...

    • but if E stood in front of me wether the accessories are some fancy brand (cant even come up with one) or not I just would be like 'god I'm lucky to be dating a girl like that' wether that makes sense or ot ill leave up to you but that would be how id feel in that situation

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    • They all suck. I'll say C.

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    • Yep. :) A is actually kinda cute. I just dislike the stockings. B is straight up ugly. C I don't like when girls look like a guy. D Just isn't a style I like. It's not ugly though. The model is making it hard to judge. E. Is OK and a little cute but too loose fitting.

      But yeah I like what I linked a lot.

    • i see no worries, I just wanted to cheek guys opinions because they usually like simple things and we like to dress up and be creative actually there is a fashion blog that calls Man Repeller the more fashion the least the guys like it lol...

  • last one is my favorite

    I dislike 3 the most because I could've easily mistaken that girl for a guy

  • C or E.

  • C because she looks like she has nice legs

    • it's not about the model but the outfit

    • It's definitely about the model.

What Girls Said 6

  • A-- Cute but a little girlie for my taste

    B-- I like everything but the maxi skirt

    C-- Very chill, kind of like the way I dress

    D-- Simple and cool, like it a lot

    E-- Cute but a little too froo-froo for me

    My favorites are a toss up between C and D

    • Great yeah I agree with all you said E is too froo-froo for me too but guys seem to like this style lol

  • I like A and C. But style-wise for myself, I'd prefer some kind of mix of the two, lol.

  • I would wear the first one out of all of them. They're all pretty good I guess, but none of them really wow me.

    • send a link of something that would wow you

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    • You have a cool style I like it...

    • hah, thanks :D

  • The 1st one was so cute!

  • a- cute outfit for winter time. its probably not something I'd put together but I like it on her

    b- I don't like it. I especially hate the skirt

    c- kinda cute but needs more accessories or feminine pieces. I could see a lesbian rocking it

    d- that's hot for night time, I'd lose the jacket. also this dress would look better on a thick girl with curves

    e- very cute and girlie!

    i would wear C with more accessories and sex it up a bit, D to a club and E

    • Interesting point of view...gosh now I know why I am getting lesbian attentions when I wear like C lol but my plaid shirt is pink, so more girlie right?

  • the last one is me


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