Guys, do you like your girlfriend to dress you?

Which of these would you like, is a helpful suggestion or would p*ss you off?

1. Tells you what looks good and what doesn't

2. lays out a shirt and matching tie for you

3. tells you to go back and change into pants or long-sleeve shirt?

4. Tells you your jacket doesn't match

5. Fixes your tie if it's crooked

6. Tells you to tuck your shirt in

(all these are done with out you asking her to do)


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  • Firstly I'm single, so I've yet to find out, but if I had a girlfriend, this would be my response:

    1. That's great!

    2. That's great, if I liked the combination and if she was open to something different.

    3. So long as she didn't make a big deal about it.

    4. That's great, guys are renound (sp?) for not knowing what matches and what does.

    5. Sure. I'm hopeless at tying a tie as it is, so if they fix it for me - great!

    6. So long as it's not said in a "mummy says go tuck your shirt in" kinda way, that's cool.


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  • First of all...most guys like it when a female makes a fuss over them (not over other sh*t...THEM) I love a female fixing my "crooked" TIE 1, 2, 4, 5 R COOL...can do without 3 & 6...

  • 2 and 5 sound really nice. I wouldn't mind 1 or 4 too much as long as it doesn't happen frequently. But 3 and 6 is crossing the line.

  • Like 2 5 helpful

    Sort of 1 4 questions my judgment

    PO 3 6 Controlling/disrespect.


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