Why did he tell me I was beautiful but then reject me?

My feelings are really hurt...a guy online that I chatted with asked for a pic. I sent him 3 throught a text...he texted back that I was beautiful. So we continued to text for the day...all of sudden he says before he we go any farther he prefers smaller girls and he apologizes. He apologized but I feel as though he never should have told me I was beautiful and continued to text...tell me your views on this matter.


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  • The problem with trying to shove square pegs in round holes is, they never fit. I have no idea what you look like, but from what you've told me, I'm thinking you're probably overweight by some notable margin. If this is the case, you're gonna have to shed some poundage to achieve the love life you'd apparently like to have. Of course, if you're not averse to dating similarly overweight guys, or you happen across one of the odd ones who like overwight women, you'll be all set just the way you are. But complainin about it never solved anything. The best advice I can give you to avoid future calamities of the kind you describe is to post a pic of yourself wherever you go. Always be uprfront about who you are. Otherwise you're effectively trying to sandbag the guy, and it will blow up in your face. ; - )


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  • he wanted to see what you look like and gave you the "answer you wanted to hear". he got what he wanted. because you fell for his charm, try to be more defenseful next time

    • well I didn't respond to him after he said that

    • good idea. that guys an asshole. you deserve better than him

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  • You was trying to be nice when he continued to text you and was making a decision on what to do next and how to tell you his ideas before he actually put them into play. He was being honest, he wants a girl smaller than you. Just because you're not his type doesn't mean you are ugly. You're just not what he wants. & Love if he doesn't want you then you don't want him, believe me.

    He didn't string you along...because he could have done that.

    He was being honest and forward. Just keep it moving.


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