What do you look for in a girl?

i'm just curious. I'm not going to change for anyone but I was wondering what kind of looks and personality you like. for example: hair, skin, eyes, and well, personality.


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  • Personality-wise I look for a girl who has a darker sense of humor and can handle mine, as well as my sarcasm. Some of them whine about sarcasm being hurtful instead of just laughing and giving it right back to me which I love. I like it when a girl has a mature perspective on life and disappointments...not everything is a disaster and not everything is an excuse to get dramatic. Kindness in important things and a general sense of affection towards me is pretty necessary as well.

    Looks wise, I'm flexible. I've dated tall ones, short ones, middle ones... I love a girl with a feminine physique. Not a fan of really really skinny girls.

  • black or brown hair,

    brown eyes,

    well toned skin,

    coming to personality 36-24-36 is the most preferable

    well shaped butt


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