Do you prefer hair styles that actually suits a person's facial features?

So far I've been reading that most guys prefer ladies with long hair? Well Halle Berry has short hair and she is absolutely beautiful, most men also find her attractive she has the wow factor beauty, sex appeal you name it, so why do most guys say that long hair is beautiful. Is it the female that you find attractive or their hair?
I think this ideology on hair length is a European and Asian perception on beauty, true beauty stems from a person facial features. In Ancient Eypyt hair braiding was seen a beautiful.
I don't believe that I'm related to you so no I don't have bald hair it doesn't run in my failies genes!

corrections families not failies
Camilus, just because the women in your family suffer from hair balding that doesn't mean we all suffer from hair loss. :)


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  • I love med to long hair. But some people just rock the short hair. Halle Berry is a beautiful woman but I love her in short hair better. I prefer hair styles that suit the person. Just because I love a certain style doesn't mean I'm going to look good in it.

    • That's just it people should get hair styles to compliment their features.

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  • Halle Berry looks better with long hair, so there goes your whole argument.

    • You mean that's your opinion?

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    • Sorry, I couldn't read that post because I got my hater-blockers on. I'll just assume that you wrote that you are moving to Egypt where all the men there will love your bald sexy head.

    • Nanny-nanny-poo-poo!

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  • Well most women look good with long hair, only a few can totally rock the short hair, and those that can, good for you!

    • Is that because long hair takes the attention away from their facial features if they aren't that attractive, the reason why I asked that because more and more women are going for the short hair crops and some of them a really pretty and wear that look with a lot of confidence.

  • long hair can suit your facial features. halle looked really good with long hair. it is the cut and style that determines whether it suits your face

    but I doubt most men would turn down a beautiful woman with short hair. like halle, rihanna, nia long

    • I think long hair can hide your facial features especially if you are unattractive.

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    • so true! a lot of girls are like that! short hair is very cute but I have a big head so I doubt I'd be able to pull it off. I don't wear my hair above my shoulders because of it lol.

    • I respect you for your honesty :)

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