Am I looking too into this?

First things first, I love him he loves me. Yesterday there was girl being bullied on Facebook and he stuck up for her big time, like every negative response about her he'd attack that. He even made himself a few enemy's. He kept calling her extremely attractive, nice personality and that. He even commented on one of her outfits giving her a high rating (which means he loves her outfit), the bullying is still happening and he keeps saying how attractive she is and it puts me down that he is so descriptive about her.

Its still early but do I have a right to be mad?

What do you guys think?
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  • You're over reacting, he's just being a nice guy and good person. I wish more guys were like that, because all the ones I know except for three are total a**holes.


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  • Facebook huh? :P


What Girls Said 2

  • Does your man tend to help others in need a lot? Some people automatically want to help others, and this may be what you are seeing. If he is normally uncaring to situations like this, maybe it is about the girl personally. Next time you see him, mention that you thought it was nice that he stuck up for her, and see how he reacts. Unless he has given you reasons to doubt him in the past, throw him a bone here.

  • hummmm... if he keeps going in a couple of days, be mad.


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